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MATALON - The Delirium
The Delirium Music Video

Metropolitan Pictures is a Boston-based independent filmed entertainment studio creating original programming and highly creative digital video services.

Founded by Scott Matalon and Warren Lynch, Metropolitan Pictures has produced multiple feature-length films currently in international distribution, numerous television programs aired throughout New England into more than 6 million homes on NESN and MyTV, television commercials, music videos, industrial pieces, project demos and much more.

Metropolitan Pictures focuses on highly creative, original and cutting-edge projects, utilizing the latest in High Definition video filming and editing, green-screen production, motorized automation, original music, voice-overs and a full spectrum of services for TV, Film or Web production, all provided by a team of talented, experienced videographers and technologists at affordable rates.

Please click on the links to the right for samples of our work, or contact us directly at 617-901-3418 or via email at info@metropolitanzone.com for more information, project quotes or client recommendations.

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Feature Length Films

  • Pony Trouble
    Pony Trouble
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  • Cricket Snapper
    Cricket Snapper (No Video)
  • A Man Among Giants
    A Man Among Giants

Television Series

  • Boston Boxing Team Training
    Boston Boxing Team Training
  • Boston Boxing Title Sequence
    Boston Boxing Title Sequence
  • Boston Vs The World!
    Boston Vs The World!
  • Quiet Desperation
    Quiet Desperation Sizzle Reel
  • Quiet D Title Sequence
    Quiet D Title Sequence

  • Rubin Hurricane Carter
    Rubin Hurricane carter Interview
  • Rob Potylo Interview
    Rob Potylo Interview

Commercials and Industrial

  • Stingray Tatoos
    Stingray Extreme Tattoos
  • Stingray Exorcist Spoof
    Stingray Exorcist Spoof
  • Stingray Alien Abduction
    Stingray Alien Abduction
  • Nat'l League of Poker
    Nat'l League of Poker
  • Buried Treasures
    Buried Treasures

  • Stingray Psycho
    Stingray Psycho
  • Stingray Texas
    Stingray Texas
  • Stingray Deliverance
    Stingray Deliverance
  • Harlowe Scientific
    Harlowe Scientific

Music Videos

  • MATALON - The Delirium
    The Delirium Music Video
  • Face Of The Sun Music Video
    Face Of The Sun Music Video
  • Last Argument Of Kings
    Last Argument Of Kings
  • Runnin From Jesus Video
    Runnin From Jesus Video
  • Retail Music Video
    Retail Music Video
  • Bad Moon Music Video
    Bad Moon Music Video
  • Daisycutter Music Video
    Daisycutter Do The Nasty
  • Somewhere Over The Rainbow
    Somewhere Over The Rainbow
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